People First: LavoroSolutions Russia & CIS approach to human rights and fair employment

We believe meaningful and sustainable employment has the power to change the world. Every day, we connect people to work across a wide range of skills and industries. By respecting human rights and promoting fair employment practices, we can ensure that work is a source of dignity and purpose. And by helping people develop skills and experience, we enable them to achieve their career goals.


Our Principles


As an industry leader we set high standards for ourselves and others. We are guided in everything we do by our Values and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, as well as the United Nations Global Compact Principles, the quality standards of our industry and all applicable laws and regulations.


LavoroSolutions Russia & CIS follows all the labour law legislative requirements including but not limited to non-discrimination, working with labor unions, etc. All the requirements regarding labour safety, recruitment rules, diversity and non-discrimination are established in Labour Code of Russian Federation ( and obligatory for all employers.


Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics highlights our respect for individuals and our shared obligation to ensure fairness in the hiring and advancement of all employees without discrimination. It also outlines our mutual responsibility for maintaining safe and respectful workplaces that are free from abusive or unprofessional conduct. All of our employees complete annual training on the Code.


We ensure that our people know how to report concerns without fear of retaliation, and provide a Global Ethics Hotline


We maintain a zero tolerance policy on working with any entity that benefits from human trafficking, forced labor or modern slavery of any kind.


We cascade these principles to our suppliers through our Supplier Code of Conduct


Our Practices


Our standard recruitment, assessment, employment and talent management practices are designed to protect fundamental rights at work while providing our people with opportunities to develop their skills, experience and careers.


We never employ anyone under the minimum legal working age, and have standard procedures to verify age and eligibility to work. We never charge, directly or indirectly, any fees or costs to jobseekers for temporary assignments or direct placements.


We follow all applicable laws regarding employee compensation and benefits, and provide employees with full details about terms of employment in offer letters, contracts or handbooks. Our people benefit from paid time off, wellness programs, flexible working, tuition reimbursement, medical insurance.


The health and safety of our people is of critical importance. Our risk managers evaluate clients’ worksites prior to placing individuals on assignment. And we ensure that our people are provided with the tools and support they need to keep themselves safe and healthy at work. For example, during the recent COVID-19 crisis, we provided our staff with the following measures:
  • Remote work if applicable
  • Disinfection of premises
  • Personal protective equipment (face masks and gloves)
  • Measuring of body temperature
  • Medical checks and tests on covid19
  • Other measures prescribed for the employers regarding covid19, for example, distancing at working places.


Moreover, LavoroSolutions Russia & CIS provides labour safety services for the clients. In pandemic circumstances such type of services is particularly important. We help our clients to reduce losses from accidents and payments for benefits and compensation, to minimize risk of suspension of the organization's activities and disqualification of managers, etc.


We ensure that everyone in our organization has ready access to development opportunities through on-the-job learning, stretch assignments, coaching and regular performance assessments. We support and reinforce workplace experiences by offering online skills training through our virtual learning platform, powerYOU. Employees and associates on assignment have on-demand access to thousands of courses and learning materials on topics like business analysis, communication, project management, finance and accounting, and IT and digital skills


Diversity is a key enabler of our strategic business goals. We are committed to creating an organization where we recognize and value each person’s unique strengths and perspectives. A majority of our employees are women, and we aspire for our leadership to reflect that diversity as well.


Every year we invite all our employees to participate in the LavoroSolutions Annual People Survey, asking them to give us feedback on a range of topics including leadership, ethics and values, culture, diversity, development opportunities, as well as overall engagement. Anonymized results are shared with leaders and managers at all levels, along with tools to help them discuss the results and develop action plans with their teams.



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