Recruitment training

Become a profi

LavoroSolutions first crash course "Recruiter as a Profession" from Ekaterina Kaliyanidi, Director of Recruitment and RPO, and Diana Kargaeva, Regional Manager Professional Recruitmen, was launched on March 15.

The course is for for experienced recruiters who aim to make their job more efficient and structure their knowledge. It is also for beginners and those assuming a new role. It was 4 academic hours of energetic and inspiring recruitment training for HR and recruitement specialists. The participants showed great interest. They asked lots of questions in the chat and by voice staying motivated and engaged.

During the course the recruiters shared their headaches

  • What do you do if the client gives feedback for a long time, and the candidate has already found a job
  • What do you say to customers who want to "see more"?
  • At what stage should there be assessment of knowledge, skills, competencies of the candidate? By what methods?
  • Why are some clients so inadequate?

Some feedback and wishes from the attendees as follows

  • I also want to say thank you for a very informative and interesting training! The presentation is really great!
  • A very interesting module about working with objections. We hav had a similar case about the title of the position and status.
  • I would like the training on the entire selection cycle. I really liked the presentation style of the coure content.
  • It was very interesting and understandable. Thanks a lot.
  • I would like in-depth interview training on competencies.

Training Take-aways

  • Searching for candidates using various tools.
  • Presenting job openings to candidates properly.
  • Conducting interviews, asking right questions to identify needed competencies.
  • Working with offers and counterfeits.
  • Meeting business needs successfully.