Human Capital Days in Uzbekistan

Find the best HR solutions during business discussions with top managers of leading companies at the large-scale Human Capital Days in Uzbekistan forum. As an official HR partner, LavoroSolutions, a staffing, outsourcing and consulting company, is pleased to take part in one of the most anticipated events of this year.

⚪Ways of assessing the growth of Human Capital, 
⚪Increasing the value of Human Capital.
⚪What are the difficulties?

Sergio Basto, LavoroSolutions Managing Director, will touch upon the issues in the opening panel discussion of The Human Capital Days forum in Uzbekistan. It'll be a great opportunity to bring the key experts together to share experiences and learn from each other.

Corporate training and e-learning, development of engineering and technical personnel, strategic role of HR transformation for business, performance and talent management, assessment, development and retention of personnel, global trends in the labor market and other topics significant for business in Uzbekistan will be covered by experts at a large-scale meeting on November 23 in Tashkent.

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