Workforce company LavoroSolutions recruits any business role you seek. We implement tailor-made staffing and outsourcing solutions to accommodate your needs. Always ready to search, develop and retain personnel in Uzbekistan on an ongoing basis.

Strong reputation: 29+ years’ experience on HR market.

Trusted partner: 1000+ clients and ongoing projects.

Catering for your specific recruitment needs, LavoroSoluitions offers bespoke approach to each service request. We provide our clients access to the talents they need to keep their business moving, and do it within the time frames and locations required.

We recruit business roles of any level you need, starting from back-office and line staff, highly qualified specialists and top managers to minor staff members such as staff for contact centers, merchandisers, salesmen and receptionists.

LavoroSolutions is always improving and developing its services, broadens expertise to assist its clients more effectively in keeping their companies moving forward.