Our Case in Uzbekistan

Your company needs to grow more and increase the team of professionals more than ever.
However, the question arises of back offices administrative resources and organization's staff size conditions.

Case: Staffing

What do you do if

  1. You need employees urgently, but there is no opportunity to expand?
  2. No resources to manage HR administration and provide comprehensive support to newcomers?

LavoroSolutions as an outstaffing and outsourcing company, complying with all legal requirements has extensive experience in recruiting and searching for talents by your request. In short period of time we provide local and international companies with a service that includes

  1. signing employment contracts with employees, provision of corporate mobile communications,
  2. personnel administration, calculation and payment of wages,
  3. travel arrangements,
  4. travel support like buying transport tickets, booking hotels, etc.

And this is only part of our possibilities in effective hire as each request is customer-specific.

Case: Professional search

Our aim was to open an office in Uzbekistan for an international manufacturer of raw materials, building materials and ceramic coatings. Completion time - 3 weeks.

"Office manager" vacancy involved non-standard functions, with obligatory knowledge of the English, Uzbek and Russian languages and, preferably, with knowledge of the German language.

Step by step work plan:

  1. Interview at LavoroSolutions,
  2. Preparation of a video business card in English,
  3. Testing,
  4. Collecting recommendations,
  5. Online meeting with the Director from Austria,
  6. And as a result - start of work!

We help you realize all your projects, be sure bring them to the desired outcome, even in the shortest possible time

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