HR Consulting

HR consulting is a range of services to  improve the efficiency of personnel management. Global LavoroSolutions experience in consulting originates from 1980's.

HR consulting is an opportunity  for businesses  to focus on core business tasks and entrust personnel management to third-party specialists. This will bring the work with personnel to a new level without  spending  a lot of time and bearing financial costs, as well as without creating your own HR department. 

Our services 

Career Conversation

  • Implementation of culture of Career Conversation in the company​
  • Development of managers' leadership competencies in the field of career coaching & mentoring ​
  • Involvement of employees in Career conversation culture and development of their career management competencies

Assessment & Development​

  • Comprehensive assessment of all levels employees’ potential with developmental feedback on the results ​
  • Development of leadership, basic management and soft skills development programs in hybrid formats​
  • Intensive programs with a focus on 1-2 competencies based on assessment results​

Career Mobility &​ Transition

  • Advising HR on staff career mobility at the stage of company transformation​
  • Training managers to manage employee career transitions​
  • Formation of employees' readiness for multi-career and transition​

Inspirational Safety

  • Implementing a Safety Culture in Organization​
  • Development of inspirational leadership competencies in the field of Labor Safety​
  • Involving employees in Safety Culture of a Production Organization​

Cross-Cultural Communication​

  • ​Auditing a comprehensive construct of intercultural competence in a company​
  • Development of managers' inspirational leadership competencies in the field of cross-cultural communication in business processes​
  • Engaging employees in improving understanding to use outcomes of Cross-Cultural acceptance

HR consulting from LavoroSolutions 

LavoroSolutions has many successfully implemented HR projects for international clients, including: 

  • over 175 outplacement projects involving over 2250 people;  
  • comprehensive salary surveys for more than 400 positions;  
  • holding monthly HR webinars and consultations from leading HR experts.  

You can contact us for development of individual programs and solutions that will take into account the specifics of the work of a particular company.  

Our advantages 

Full range of services. LavoroSolutions offers professional HR consulting for organizations of all sizes and industries. 

Legal compliance. When resolving any personnel issues, we adhere only to “white” schemes of interaction to comply with the requirements of the Labor Code and other regulatory policies. 

High quality. HR consulting is carried out by specialists with extensive experience in HR management, who can solve both standard and non-standard tasks.