Career Management Consulting

Career management - is an alternative approach to the classical talent management.

The key idea is the creation an open communication environment in the company, special style of leadership and support of technologies and procedures in order to build a dialogue between the employee and the company. Focus of the dialogue is personal career goals of employees and needs of the company in the long and short term.

LavoroSolutions team usually keeps 5-7 projects of career management consulting and outplacement at once. Our programs are attended by employees from specialists to top management. Age of participants varies from 26 to 58 years old.

Career management creates conditions for dialogue between the employee and the company that is the important element of cooperation. 

In addition, the employer receives:

  • Motivation of staff to discuss the long-term development objectives in the profession in spite of macroeconomic factors;
  • Removal of tensions in the division, including disorientation associated with the labor market conditions and the economy in whole;
  • Development of open discussions of potentially conflicting issues;
  • Knowledge of best practices in similar profession and industry;
  • The introduction of Career conversations culture as a new paradigm in the human resources management.
Anna Burova
Anna Burova

Head of HR Consulting at LavoroSolutions. Manages projects on outplacement and career consulting, as well as the assessment and development of managers. She leads the development of comprehensive programs aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of personnel management, career management, and career potential at various stages of professional development. She is a speaker at leading conferences and an author of publications on personnel management.
Ekaterina Alexandrova
Ekaterina Alexandrova

Certified consultant in career counseling technology. Project manager for outplacement and career counseling. She is a visiting lecturer in HR consulting at FSUE of Moscow State University.
Daria Pozdnyakova
Daria Pozdnyakova

Responsible for project coordination. She provides information support to program participants, coordinates meetings and business trips within the framework of the outplacement program, and is responsible for the formation and signing of contracts and billing.