LavoroSolutions tailors its services for the good of the customer. Our goal is to help you achieve your business targets. We offer to outsource some of your business functions, operations or services to enhance efficiency of company’s resources. Our deep knowledge in staff recruiting and breadth of expertise in implementing outsourcing solutions will allow to give your business the competitive edge. You get a variety of our proven outsourcing solutions ranging from call centers and IT help desks to a production unit.

To stand against various challenges of the macroeconomic cycles, any organization needs to consider the workforce issues beforehand as the employees are the driving force behind any business. Working with Lavorosolutions you will be able to attract and onboard talents capable of leading your business to success. Our expertise recruitment solutions plus out-staffing programs, have a number of benefits, including cost savings.

LavoroSolutions recognizes the demands and preferences of its each client and provides customized solutions to gain the best possible result. We are among the global leading experts in qualified, professional and skilled recruitment. Various private and public companies turn to LavoroSolutions to get our deep expertise and extensive hands-on experience in implementing outsourcing programs.

Our flexibility and responsiveness, ability to apply our own unique skills, knowledge and technology for the good of our clients provides us with a reputation as the most successful and reliable recruiting partner. Be sure, LavoroSolutions connects you with the right people, at the right time and in any location you conduct your business.

Our outsourcing solutions:

  • Reception Outsourcing;
  • Industrial Outsourcing;
  • HR Outsourcing;
  • Recruitment process outsourcing;
  • IT Outsourcing