Recruitment Mass

Any business must constantly move forward to stay competitive. If you plan to expand your organization – to launch a new production line, implement an innovative project or open a new company branch – you’ll face the need of mass recruitment of personnel. Please, resist the temptation to do it on your own to avoid additional costs. Dealing with piles of inappropriate resumes, interviewing unsuitable candidates – it’s only waste of time and your employee’s energy and may result in lost opportunities which means loss of money.

LavoroSolutions can take care of the mass recruitment process. We have compiled our own extensive database of pre-screened candidates and have direct access to various professionals suitable for your business tasks solving. We have the infrastructure and tools to accommodate your needs in the shortest possible time and without compromising the quality of service.

Our carefully tailored approach to the selection of candidates for the same or similar positions allows you to reduce recruitment costs significantly, as the mass candidates’ selection is easily scalable and does not require additional efforts and resources.

If you doubt suitability of certain candidates by any reason, LavoroSolutions offers you to take advantage of its temp-to-perm recruitment option: an applicant initially works on a temporary basis, and if she or he is a match for your objectives and requirements then is transferred to a permanent contract basis.