As your trusted partner, LavoroSolutions understands the impact that talents with the skills required and found on time, may have on your company's business. Given the circumstances, we always help our clients to get over the staff shortage bottleneck.

Quick response and effective result

We provide our clients with a streamlined service. The diversity of our contract types allows to choose preferred terms of cooperation. Whether working under a fixed-term or open-ended contract, we ensure that the result you need is achieved – you can easily staff up and down in accordance with your current business goals.

We cater large-scale solutions fit to bring you effective workforce as a response to your needs for additional staff due to production expansion or seasonal peaks or additional office workloads. We take over the searching and onboarding processes, freeing up your time for further business development.


We recruit and contract

If your current business situation requires human resource beyond your staffing table, temporary staff recruitment is the best way out.

There are various reasons for temporary staff recruiting, including ever-changing workforce demands due to seasonal increase in production load or urgent need to implement a complex project. LavoroSolutions can look after all your temporary staffing requirements thus letting your company efficiently respond to changing circumstances.

Whether in need of closing the temporary staffing requirement for a large scale project or replacing an office employee who has gone on vacation, you can rely on us. We bring the people you need to achieve your goals.


Contract administration. Payroll

Onboarding temporary staff requires mandatory administrative procedures. LavoroSolutions offers its out staffing services to save your time and resources. We’ll take care of the issues related to the employment contract administration and payroll services in accordance with the legal regulations and your organization’s specific requirements.

DIRECT HIRING. Short- & Long-term Recruitment

Speed. Quality. Low risks.

As your trusted partner, LavoroSolutions endeavors to minimize the possible risks for your company. If you consider any temporary hired employee to be highly efficient and suitable for your company’s goals and like to get him on permanent basis, you can use our placement guarantee condition and extend the contract terms to full-time permanent employment.