Политика о конфиденциальности


This privacy policy explains how Limited Liability Company "LAVOROSOLUTIONS" Private Employment Agency (hefeinafter – the Company) collects, uses and discloses to third parties personal information that you may provide while using the website mylavorosolutions.com and when you contact the Company's offices, as well as using content, information and services provided through this website (collectively, the "website") and at the Company's offices.

Your consent

Each time you use the above website, you consent to the Company collecting, using and transferring personal information collected from you to third parties in accordance with its privacy policy. If you do not agree to this policy, you may not use this website.

Privacy Statement of Personal Information Specifically Provided by mylavorosolutions.com Website Users

  1. Your personal information. In case of using the website, you may be asked to voluntarily provide your resume, application form or other personal information (such as your name, your email address, postal address and telephone number) and information in relation to any client of the Company or another person that you represent, for purposes such as facilitating the exchange of information with you, accessing certain specialized features or areas of said website, using the Company's employment services, transacting transactions, or facilitating your use of the website . If you choose not to provide any of the requested personal information, you may not use the said website.
  2.  Use of your personal information. The Company may use your personal information to communicate with you and share information, answer your questions, carry out business transactions, collect fees for services provided, and to facilitate your experience on the website and help you use it more efficiently, provide you with information and services requested through the website, as well as provided in another way not prohibited by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The Company may develop a confidential user profile for you to make it easier for you to use the website. In addition, the Company may keep a record of all communication sessions with you.
  3. Company email communications. If you personally contact the Company or otherwise indicate that you wish to receive email communications from the Company, the Company may from time to time send you such communications with information about the Company or other topics (including products or services of third parties) that, in the opinion of the Company, may be of interest to you, as well as transmit this information to you using other means of communication. At any time, you can ask the Company to stop sending you e-mails and other media by contacting news@mylavorosolutions.com. All emails from the Company provide information on how you can opt out of receiving them in the future. The Company may also periodically send you emails containing important information regarding the website, from which you cannot opt-out.
  4. Statistical Information. The Company may use non-personal data to create aggregated reports on website user demographics and website usage, and then share these reports with others. The statistical data contained in the submitted reports cannot be associated with a specific person or personal information about individual users.
  5. Transfer of your personal information to third parties. The Company may share your personal information with third parties under the following circumstances:

Sharing Personal Information with Authorizers. If your access to certain areas of the website has been authorized by a company customer or other person, the Company may share your personal information with that authorizer. The Company does not control the use of your personal information by the Authorizers, and such use may not always comply with the Privacy Policy set out in this document. If you do not wish to provide your personal information to persons who must authorize your use of the website, you may not use the website.

Transfer of personal information to subsidiaries. The Company may provide your personal information to its subsidiaries for the purposes of your employment in the Russian Federation or in cases where this is necessary in order for you to use this website. If you do not want to provide your personal information to subsidiaries of the Company, you may not use its website.

Transfer of personal information to suppliers, potential employers and subsidiaries. The Company may provide your personal information to its suppliers, your potential employers and its subsidiaries for the use of services for use in order to employ you in Uzbekistan, or if it is necessary for you to could use this website. If you do not wish to provide your personal information to certain or any third parties, you may not use the website.

Disclosure of personal information when transferring ownership of business assets. The Company may sell some or all of its business assets, or transfer to others. In the course of this sale or transfer, the Company may provide your personal information to the buying organization, but must require the latter to agree to protect the confidentiality of your personal information in the ways set out in this privacy policy. If you do not want to provide your personal information in the course of the sale or transfer of business assets of the Company, you may not use its website.

Law enforcement and public disclosure when required by law. The Company may transfer your personal information to government agencies and institutions if the latter prove their legal authority to obtain such information, or in cases where the Company has reasonable grounds to believe that this information may be useful in the investigation of illegal activity, or on the basis of a subpoena, order or request issued by a court or other person or body with jurisdiction over the receipt of relevant information, or on the basis of a court order requiring the submission of reports and information. The Company may also share your personal information with its legal advisor.

  1. Location of information storageю The Company will store and process your information in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, or, from time to time, in such other places in Uzbekistan as the Company deems necessary or convenient in order to provide you with services quickly and efficiently.
  2. Protection of your personal information. In order to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information, the Company applies security measures appropriate to the confidential nature of the information. However, due to the nature of Internet technologies, risks that threaten the security and confidentiality of information transmitted through it cannot be completely excluded, and the Company cannot guarantee complete security.
  3.  Access to your personal information. You can request access to your personal information and information about how the Company collects, uses and transfers such information to third parties by contacting the Company at news@mylavorosolutions.com. You will be provided with reasonable limited access to your personal information and the right to check the accuracy and completeness of the information and to change and supplement it if necessary. You can help the Company keep your personal information up-to-date by reporting any changes to it.
  4. Former Users. If you stop using the website or your permission to use it ends, the Company may continue to use and share your personal information with third parties in accordance with its privacy policy, as of now, the latest edition.
  5. Your comments. If you have comments or questions regarding this privacy policy or your personal information, please contact the Company at news@mylavorosolutions.com.

Statement on the use of automatic information collection methods on the website mylavorosolutions.com.

Non-Identifying Information. The website mylavorosolutions.com, like many other websites, automatically collects certain non-identifying information about its users, such as: computer IP address, ISP IP address, date and time the website was accessed , Internet address of the website from which the link to our website was made; operating system used, sections of the website visited, web pages visited and information viewed, as well as materials sent to or downloaded from this website. Such non-identifying information is used for the administration of this website and system administration, and to improve the operation of the website. Your non-identifying information may be disclosed to other users and is permanently archived for future use.

Cookies. This website uses Cookies, which are technology that installs information on a user's computer that allows the website to recognize future visits from that computer. Cookies are designed to improve the usability of the website. For example, the information provided through them is used to recognize you as a user who has previously visited the website, to track your use of the website in order to better meet your needs, to offer a personalized selection of webpage content, and information for your use, automatically enter your personal information into online forms for your convenience, and otherwise make it easier for you to use the Website. If your browser allows you, you may refuse cookies, but this will adversely affect your use of the website and your ability to access and use certain website features. Advertisements placed on the website may also contain cookies or use other similar technologies. Such advertisements may be provided by third party advertising companies, and the Company has no control over these Cookies and other similar technologies used in advertisements, or intended to use or disclose information collected through such Cookies, and is not responsible for them no responsibility and has no obligations towards them.

Other Websites. This website may contain hyperlinks linking it to other websites or other Internet resources. When you click on any of these links, you will be taken to another website or Internet resource that may collect information about you voluntarily or through the use of cookies or other similar technologies. The Company has no control over these websites and Internet resources and their collection, use and transfer to third parties of your personal information and does not bear any responsibility for this activity and has no obligations associated with it. You should review the privacy policies of other websites and Internet resources to understand how they collect and use information.

Making changes to the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy may be changed at any time and at its sole discretion by the Company without any prior notice, and the Company will have no liability to you or any other person. The collection, use and transfer to third parties of your personal information by the Company will be governed by this edition of the privacy policy and non-disclosure of information in force at the moment. New versions of this privacy policy will be posted here. The fact that you continue to use the services of the website after the changes were made to the privacy and non-disclosure policy will indicate that you have given your consent to the collection, use and transfer of your personal information to third parties in accordance with a new version of this privacy policy. Therefore, when you use the website, you should check the release date of this privacy policy and review any changes that have been made since the last edition. You should also electronically bookmark this page and check it periodically to ensure that you are using the most current version of the Privacy Policy.

Automated information processing

When you visit the Company website, we may collect certain information by automated means, such as cookies, web beacons, web server logs. The information collected in this way may include IP address, unique device identifier, browser characteristics, characteristics of the device being used, operating system, language preferences, URL address, information about activity on our site, date and time of visits to our site and other user statistics.

A "cookie" is a file sent by a website to a visitor's computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify the visitor's browser or to store information or browser settings.

A "web beacon", also known as an internet tag, pixel tag, or unambiguous GIF, refers to a web page on a web server and cookies and is used to transmit information collected through cookies and returned to the web server.

Through these automated methods, we may receive site visit data, which is a log of the links a visitor clicks on while browsing the site. As soon as a visitor enters the website, this data can be collected and stored.

We link some of the data we collect through automated processing, such as information about your browser, with other information about you.

Your browser may tell you how to receive notifications about certain types of cookies or how to restrict or block cookies. However, please note that without cookies, you may not be able to use all the features of our websites.

Before using cookies or other automated information processing methods, we will, in accordance with the requirements of applicable law, first obtain your consent.

Third party providers of applications, tools, widgets and plug-ins on our sites may also collect and process information about your interaction with these applications in automated ways. This information is collected directly by the providers of such applications and is subject to their privacy policy and the providers' notices. The Company is not responsible for the actions of such providers.

How we use the information we receive

We use the above information to do the following:

• Search for innovative personnel solutions and employment;

• Creation and maintenance of online accounts;

• Payment processing;

• Management of interaction with clients and suppliers;

• Sending promotional materials, information about vacancies;

• Interaction and administration of participation in special events, programs, promotions, surveys, competitions and market research;

• Operational activities, activities to evaluate and improve our business (including development, development, analysis and development of our services), management of our communications, data analysis, including analysis of accounting, auditing and other internal functions;

• Protection, prevention, detection of fraud and other illegal activities;

• Compliance with and application of applicable laws, industry standards, contractual obligations and other applicable requirements.

In addition to the activities listed above, in dealing with employees and candidates submitting a resume or creating an account, the Company uses the information it receives in the following ways:

• Provides opportunities for employment and work;

• Provides HR services, including welfare administration, payroll, performance management;

• Provision of additional services such as training, career counseling, etc.;

• Evaluation of compliance of you as a candidate with the desired position and your qualifications;

• Analyzing the following data: our proposed candidate's work, job and skill development assessments, identifying skills gaps, using information to match individuals and available opportunities, analyzing trends and practices in the recruitment process.

We may also use the information in other ways by giving notice of this before we start collecting information.

We also use information collected through cookies, web beacons, pixels, web server logs and other automated means for the following purposes:

• Customizing how visitors use our sites;

• Content management taking into account the interests of our visitors;

• Managing our website and other aspects of the business.

In accordance with the requirements of the law, we will first obtain consent to the use of cookies and other automated methods of processing information.

To whom we may share the information we receive

We do not distribute your personal data in other ways than provided by this Policy or separate notices related to certain actions. We share personal information with vendors who perform certain services on our behalf as instructed. We do not authorize these providers to disclose the information received for any other purpose than providing services or as required by law. We may also share your personal information with:

• Employers if you are a candidate for a vacant position;

• Employment consultants and mediators if you are a candidate for a vacant position.

Among other things, we are obliged to provide your personal data:

• If there is an obligation to disclose confidential information in cases provided for by law;

• At the request of law enforcement and other government agencies on the basis of a legitimate request.

Information collected through third-party plugins and widgets on the site (for example, information relating to your use of media tools) is collected directly by the plugin and widget providers. This information is subject to the policies of these providers, for which the Company is not responsible.

Links to third-party sites, applications, services

For your convenience, our sites may contain links to other sites, applications, services that are not owned by companies affiliated with the Company. These companies may have their own privacy policies, which we encourage you to read for yourself. The Company is not responsible for the privacy practices of others.

How to contact us

If you have questions or comments regarding these Policy, if you would like to exercise your rights or would like to update information about yourself, you can contact us at: news@mylavorosolutions.com

Or using the feedback form in the "Contacts" section on our website.